Level I, Birth to 5 Years

Southwest Human Development's Evaluation – For children 5 and under

Southwest Human Development offers comprehensive evaluation from a transdisciplinary team. Our transdisciplinary model brings together the expertise of medical, developmental, and mental health providers. Each child's team is individualized based on the family's priorities, questions and needs identified during the intake.

The intake process begins from the first phone call and is comprehensive in nature. Birth, medical, educational, and developmental histories and records are gathered as part of the intake. Additionally, a home visit is completed and behavioral, sensory, and developmental questionnaires are gathered from both family and childcare/preschool.

If a child has a current Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP), Individualized Education Plan (IEP), or existing behavioral health services, a care coordinator will collaborate with that child's team to ensure integrated care.

The formal evaluation takes approximately 2 hours and involves standardized assessment, parent interview, and observation of play. Families receive diagnostic information along with a summary and resources at the time of evaluation. Families receive all the time they need with the team to ask questions, confirm understanding, and discuss next steps.