Level II, III & IV

Evaluation through SB&H Services for ages 6+

Comprehensive evaluation for ASD includes a comprehensive assessment by a transdisciplinary team. The evaluation includes:

  • A complete history, including a thorough family history
  • Physical examination
  • Direct assessment of the child's social, language, and cognitive development.

We do not rush the process, providing sufficient for standardized parent interviews regarding current concerns and behavioral history, as well as structured observation of social and communicative behavior and play.

The Evaluation process typically takes up to three visits, each time meeting with different members of the team (Clinical Psychologist, Registered Nurse, Primary Care Physician, Child Psychiatrist, and Behavioral Specialists), after which all members discuss the evaluation and create a summary and resources for the family.

The team then meets with the family for an in-depth discussion of their diagnostic impressions.  This process is not rushed, giving the family all the time they need to ask questions, confirm understanding, and discuss next steps.

Family History

A three generation family history is reviewed thoroughly.

Genetic Testing

If necessary, genetic testing is provided to assist with identifying a specific genetic diagnosis and to potentially gain more resources or treatment options.