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Southwest Behavioral & Health Services Receives Criminal Justice and Public Safety Achievement Award

Frontdoors Media Article; Phoenix, AZ

Southwest Behavioral & Health Services’ Criminal Justice Engagement Team (CJET) has received a Criminal Justice and Public Safety Achievement Award from the National Association of Counties (NACo). The award is based on outstanding achievement of effective and innovative program implementation in reducing criminal justice involvement for individuals suffering the effects of serious mental illness (SMI).

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SB&H Earns Funding to Boost Its Eviction Prevention Program

AZ Big Media Article; Phoenix, AZ

Southwest Behavioral & Health Services' Housing Opportunities for Persons With HIV/Aids (HOPWA) program will receive an additional $100,000 in CARES Act funding to assist with short-term rent, mortgage, and utility assistance requests. The funding will boost current program resources needed to address increases in issues for housing instability that are a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The CARES Act Eviction Prevention Program is designated to help America’s low-income families and most vulnerable citizens.

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Protesters Make Their Voices Heard Scottsdale

Arizona's Family 3TV CBS5 Video; Phoenix, AZ

In light of recent protests, Ed McClelland, SB&H Vice President of Community Services, discussed anxiety in times of trauma or loss of life and the importance of getting help when one is struggling, as well as ways to locate the mental health resources available to African Americans.

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GCU Students Fill Growing Behavioral Health Jobs

GCU Today Article; Phoenix, AZ

Southwest Behavioral & Health Services has enjoyed an ongoing partnership with Grand Canyon University to provide opportunities for graduates with a bachelor's degree in the behavioral health field, and in recent months, the network of behavioral health employers working with GCU has begun to grow.

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Mental Stress

Community Cares Magazine Article; Goodyear, AZ

During these uncertain times, it has never been more important to take care of your mental health. With individuals being asked to spend long periods of time in one location, stress may be exhibiting itself in different ways. When stressors don't go away, our health and wellbeing suffer. This is where we can practice putting the stress aside with self-care. Lynda Riford, SB&H Marketing Director, gives some tips around stress prevention and self-care on page 15 of June's Community Cares magazine.

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Mental Health: How to Know When Somebody Needs Help

Mountain View Magazine Article; Goodyear, AZ

The signs and symptoms of mental health issues can look very different depending on the person and the condition. Dominic Miller, SB&H VP Outpatient Services, gives some tips around dealing with stress during a pandemic, identifying signs and symptoms in oneself or in others, and resources to get help on page 5 of June's Mountain View magazine.

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My Local News - Phoenix Article; Phoenix, AZ

Jessica Corrales, a Senior Team Lead with SB&H's In Home program, reflects on Mother's Day, her role as a motherly figure to the team she works with, and how she uses her motherly instincts to help people in the permanent supportive housing program to reach their independence.

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A Life Built on Human Kindness

North Phoenix Family Article; Phoenix, AZ

By his teens, Valley native Steven Sheets knew kindness would be a focus of his life and what he wanted to be a focus of his career. “I actually went to school to be in the ministry,” says Sheets, who worked toward a bachelor’s degree in Christian Studies at Grand Canyon University in the early 2000s. However, during the tail end of his program, he began to realize it was not his path. Here is Sheets' story leading up to his December 2018 appointment to CEO of Southwest Behavioral & Health Services.

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Dominic Miller is a Social Worker in a Time of Social Distancing

Echo Magazine Article; Phoenix, AZ

Caregivers and patients in Arizona’s mental health population have a relentless leader in their community. Dominic Miller is the Vice President of Outpatient Services at Southwest Behavioral & Health Services, but he hopes his reach goes far beyond that, and to some it does.

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Social Distancing With an Only Child: How Parents Can Help

The Washington Post Article; Washington, DC

Dr. William Marsh, PsyD, Program Director Outpatient Services at Southwest Behavioral & Health Services was among several mental health experts to speak with The Washington Post about how parents of only children can downplay their anxiety and keep calm — and, perhaps, emerge with a fresh connection with their kids.

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