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For Mesa Family, Autism Has Posed a Challenge; Help Found Through the Southwest Autism Center of Excellence

East Valley Tribune Article; Mesa, AZ

Molly Arriaga, whose daughter Alexandra enjoys many of the things that other 17-year-olds enjoy despite the challenges of autism, shares the story of how her family found help through the Southwest Autism Center of Excellence, a collaborative effort of Southwest Behavioral & Health Services and Southwest Human Development.

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Holiday Stress? The Doctor is in to Help!

iHeartRadio Article/Audio; Phoenix, AZ

Dr. Dave Ventola, a clinician with SB&H’s School & Community-based Counseling Services program, joined iHeartRadio host Marty Manning to share some tips to prevent holiday stress and depression.

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Many Contribute to Success of Health and Care Fair

Payson Roundup Article; Payson, AZ

More than 600 people participated in Payson's 20th annual Community Health & Care Fair November 3rd. The participants were offered various services including free mammogram screenings, flu vaccines, dental exams, heart and lung checks, peripheral vascular disease screening, pH testing, chiropractic screening, nutritional screening, and skin cancer screening.

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Cómo Detectar Si Un Adolescente Consume Marihuana (How to Detect if a Teenager Uses Marijuana)

Telemundo Video; Phoenix, AZ

Nora Lozano, SB&H Promotora Education Specialist, apareció en un segmento de televisión de Telemundo que analiza estudios que informan que el consumo de marihuana aumenta entre los adolescentes en la escuela secundaria y la secundaria. (Nora Lozano, SB&H Promotora Education Specialist, was featured in a Telemundo television segment discussing studies which report that marijuana use increases among adolescents in high school and middle school.)

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Giving Back $100 at a Time: The Believe Project Launches in Phoenix

AZ Central Article; Phoenix, AZ

Marcie Herzog, Director - High Risk Populations with Southwest Behavioral & Health Services, nominated her co-worker for the Believe Project, an effort which gave $100 a day to someone in need every day of December. Marcie received a tiny light-pink envelope with “Believe” scripted across it to pass on to her nominee — inside was the $100 bill, along with quote cards to inspire.

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Managing Teen Privacy

MASK Magazine Article; Scottsdale, AZ

Managing teen privacy can be tricky.  We want to encourage independence, but need to be aware of the dangers that can interfere with their ability to have a good and healthy life.  See our tips for helping your teen manage their privacy on page 46 of the Winter issue of MASK magazine.

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Arizona Business Leaders 2019

AZ Business Leaders Article; Phoenix, AZ

Steven Sheets, Interim CEO with Southwest Behavioral & Health Services, was profiled on page 66 of AZ Big Media - Arizona Business Leaders 2019 issue; leaders featured were selected from a pool of 5,000 of the most innovative entrepreneurs and the best and brightest Arizona business leaders.

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Help Available for Parents Struggling With New Baby

Mohave Valley Daily News Article; Bullhead City, AZ

Southwest Behavioral Health & Services, which operates a crisis line weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 928-763-7776, offers training to become better parents even when they are trying to cope with “a mountain of frustrations,” as well as an array of support programs for families, including six weeks of training in positive parenting. Other ways to obtain help include individual or group counseling.

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Arizona Nonprofit Volunteers: Southwest Behavioral & Health Services

Phoenix Magazine Article; Phoenix, AZ

When Morgan Travis graduated from Northern Arizona University in 2017 with a bachelor's degree in psychology, she wanted to gain experience in the field. After learning about volunteer opportunities with Southwest Behavioral & Health Services, she signed up.  Travis enjoyed her experience so much that she applied for a permanent position and was hired as a behavioral health paraprofessional.

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ABC 15 Halloween and Candy/Medicine Mixups

ABC 15 Video; Phoenix, AZ

Shomari Jackson, SB&H Drug-Free Communities Project Coordinator, was featured in an ABC 15 television segment for National Medicine Abuse Awareness Month on the topic of Halloween and how kids can easily confuse drugs for candy.

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