Developmental Approaches

Southwest Behavioral & Health Services/Southwest Human Development:

Unlike the behavioral treatments described above, in which teaching goals are derived from assessment of a child’s behavioral deficits and excesses, a developmental model extracts its teaching goals from an assessment of his/her cognitive, communicative, and social skills and development.

Such assessment would typically include (a) gathering a developmental history, (b) observation of child-caregiver interaction, (c) consideration of child and family functioning, 9d) review of past and current interventions, and (e) consultation with specialists from other disciplines, often including, but not limited to: speech, occupational, and physical therapy, education, psychology, psychiatry, neurology, and primary care.

The result is an individualized developmental profile that describes the child’s current cognitive, communicative, social, motor, self-care, and play skills, and can then be used for planning interventions in each of the domains affected by ASD in that child.