Level II – School-aged 6 to 17

Southwest Behavioral & Health Services:

Addressing adaptive skills prior to the transition to adulthood is crucial if we expect young adults to have the necessary skills to live independently.

SB&H offers easily accessible integrated care services in schools, homes, and the community.  Evidence based services are delivered in over 100 schools throughout 14 school districts for more than 400 children and families in Maricopa County.

At Level II, we provide individual, family, group counseling, prevention programs, intervention services, and family support at school and in-home for school-aged children facing a number of risk factors.

Medication monitoring services may be provided in the school, home, or office setting. Primary care services are also available. All services emulate the latest research and development in the ASD field.

Interventions and practices are evidence-based using effective treatment such as Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA).

School-based collaboration is a significant factor of Level II care, as the school environment is where a significant amount of time is spent in this age group. We engage families and coordinate care with the child’s school-based multi-disciplinary evaluation team and individualized education plan team.

Care plans will include strategies for families and natural supports to learn skills and participate in the child’s care. These skills include non-verbal communication, sensory-sensitivity, and in-home behavior management. Providers will be included for specialties such as ABA and healthcare providers including Primary Care Physician with ASD expertise.