Level III - Transition to Adulthood, Ages 18 to 22

Southwest Behavioral & Health Services:

Coordination of care is vital during the transition to adulthood. This is an opportunity to reassess each member’s level of functioning and goals to be attained as adults. At Level III, we triage members and families to determine educational needs, supportive employment, housing, ongoing care/case management and other services as indicated.

The services provided with this age group mirror that of Level II with a greater emphasis on care/case management and educational, housing and employment services. SB&H also facilitates transitional aged youth (TAY) group counseling tailored to be specific to its ASD members.

Services at Level III may include Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) and may include comprehensive assessments, which helps participants create deeper social connections and develop independence. A SACE housing director will also assist in finding an appropriate housing situation to ensure quality of life and safety concerns.