Level IV Adults age 25+

Southwest Behavioral & Health Services:

Members and families receive a consistent continuum of care as adult members. Depending on the functional level of members, there may continue to be a need for ABA therapy, housing stability goals, employment, education, healthcare concerns, and other services.

During the evaluation or reassessment, adults may have comprehensive assessments, which helps participants create deeper social connections and develop independence.

Determining appropriate housing and supports are crucial for adults with ASD.  As in the transitional period in Level III, adult members may need support in seeking healthcare, daily travel, public transportation, managing finances, and safely navigating outdoors.

SB&H also offers adult groups for members to avoid isolation, develop their social skills, and other services needed as determined by the individualized plan.

At Level IV, we aim to provide members and families the opportunity to explore interests, educational paths, housing needs, and occupational workforce assistance to achieve the best possible outcomes.