Let's Talk


  • Parents are the number one influence in a child’s choices
  • How to talk to your kids about substance use?
Let's Talk


Let's Talk Marijuana


  • Ask permission during dinner to initiate conversation: “Do you mind if I give you some advice?”
  • Offer compassion: “I’m sorry you are feeling stressed. What can we do to help you with that?”
  • Be positive: Try not to use words like: but, can’t, bad, stupid, disappointed.

For more tips on talking to your teen about Marijuana please download our parent talk kit.

family at dinner table

Let's Talk ALCOHOL

Let's Talk Alcohol


  • Take advantage of teachable moments: You both are watching a movie where teen drinking is shown. Initiate conversation by asking their opinions on alcohol.
  • Teach them to be firm and friendly when turning down a drink. Teach them the dangers of drunk driving and to avoid getting into a car with an intoxicated driver.
  • Be patient: If they have been caught drinking, do not yell or shout. Reassure them and simply ask them to tell you what happened that night.

For more tips on talking to your teen about Alcohol please download our parent talk kit.

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Let's Talk RX DRUGS

Let's Talk Rx Drugs


  • Acknowledge substance use: Initiate conversation while driving to school by discussing peer pressure to take drugs.
  • Be honest: There may be a close relative or yourself with a substance abuse problem. Tell them all of the details and its impact on the family.
  • Assure them: Tell your child they can always come back to you for support and guidance.

For more tips on talking to your teen about Prescription Drugs please download our parent talk kit.

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Talk Early! Talk Often! Let’s Talk!

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