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Meet Paige

Hello! My name is Paige Delgado. I am a recent graduate of a residential wellness program at SB&H. I lived and worked here for the last four years. Before coming into the program, I was at a crossroads in my life. After teaching for almost 30 years, my illness was getting harder and harder to manage. What's more is the medicine I took for my Bi-polar condition and PTSD was not effective and I needed to allow the doctors time to adjust it. The last four years in the program changed my life and I will always be grateful to SB&H for that. I've had various jobs throughout the center as a cashier and receptionist. I learned coping skills and ways to enjoy life. This deepened my awareness and taught me to look to the positive reasons for tough things happening in our lives. SB&H was pivotal in getting back on the road to a healthy lifestyle. Now that I have my independent status, I would like to focus on relationship building. Family and friends are essential in my life and I want to make a strong effort to show them that they are valued in my life. SB&H will still be involved in my life for work and play. I'm excited to share my story in the hopes that others will find success as they master their illness.

Meet Cynthia

My name is Cynthia Ramos. I live in Tonto Basin, Arizona. I moved from Las Vegas, Nevada to Payson, Arizona on January 10, 2007. I am a survivor of domestic violence. People like to ask for examples or types of abuse you have suffered when you say you are a survivor. I can sum up the levels of abuse in one statement. I am diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder (as well as mood disorder). DID (or multiple personality disorder) forms during the first five years of life. The abuse I withstood from an early age formed 5 personalities. I deal with them on a daily basis. I figure with that information, it pretty much gives the reader an idea of the level of abuses I have suffered in my past.

For most of my life, I was a functioning drug user. I was able to maintain my life with the drugs I purchased on the street. It was not until 2007, when I moved to Payson, that I stopped self medicating. I had a complete mental breakdown in 2009. Things looked great on the outside, but inside I was being tortured. At that time, I had no coping skills. I could not deal with life on its own terms. In a manic state I began breaking the law. I was arrested multiple times. I lost my fingerprint card and my ability to work. I thought I would never be able to work again. I was wrong. Fast forward to 2022 and I began working for SB&H again under the vocational trainee program. It is my goal to remain at SB&H and to become a full time employee. I am eternally grateful for all of the people and time that have gone into my healing and recovery.

Meet DJ

My name is DJ Vinsant. I am twenty-eight years old and live in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. I've been a heroin addict for about eleven years. During that time, I went beyond rock bottom. I went to prison, spending years in and out of county jails, and was homeless living under bridges and in park bathrooms with only one thought…how can I get more heroin? I never thought there was any hope for me. I always believed I would die an addict until one day a judge grew tired of seeing me and presented me with the option to either serve more time in jail or go to rehab. While in jail, someone from Southwest Behavioral & Health Services (SB&H) came to see me, and together we completed an intake packet for a rehab program at Marina Point. It was then that my whole life changed. Marina Pointe used evidence-based therapy to correct my negative thinking patterns and gave me the coping skills to maintain sobriety. Once I left Marina Pointe, I was a different person. When I got home, I continued with treatment at SB&H's outpatient clinic in Lake Havasu City. Things only got better from there. I now own my own addiction outreach program called Fight 4 Recovery AZ, and have been clean and sober for one year and one month. I am also now employed at SB&H, where I facilitate the same groups that I previously participated in as a client. I only see things continuing to progress in the right direction from here, but as of now, my life is close to perfect. Thank you, Southwest Behavioral & Health Services.