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Positive Perceptions of Prom

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Prom is a night that many teens in high school look forward to all year.  Take this opportunity to make sure your kids understand the dangers of alcohol and drug use.  A common perception many people have regarding prom is that teens having a few drinks to celebrate their special night is a Rite of Passage. While most teens are excited to experience this special occasion, prom should not be all about drinking. In fact, alcohol should have nothing to do with prom.  According to, alcohol is involved in one in four crash fatalities among those under age 21 in the U.S. Prom should be a safe and positive celebratory experience. Here is how you can ensure your teen has a night to remember for the right reasons:

· Exchange phone numbers with other parents to keep each other in the loop and on the same page.

· Make sure your teen’s phone is with them and charged.

· Run through your pre-established plan for the night, reiterate the curfew time and make sure everyone is sticking to the plan.

· Practice with your teen how they can effectively say no when offered alcohol or other drugs.

· Ensure that your teen has safe transportation to and from prom.

· Let your teen know that you are confident they’ll make good choices when it comes to drugs and alcohol.

· Be available throughout the night in the event there’s an emergency or your teen needs to use the pre-determined rescue plan.

· Stay up and wait for your teen to arrive home.

· Give them a big hug and ask to hear about their night!

As teens prepare for their celebrations, be a proactive parent by equipping your teen with the skills to handle risky situations on their celebratory night. These steps will ensure that the prom perception is what it should be: positive, safe and fun!