President's Message

Throughout FY18 we have had many changes to our healthcare system as well as within our agency.  We have always been committed to providing high quality services to our members and we look forward to creatively impacting the healthcare system in new and innovative ways that will ultimately have a positive impact on member care where we can highlight on achieving positive outcomes.  

We have started partnering with many primary care physician practices throughout Central Arizona where we are providing support services to members.  We believe integrated care is essential to our ongoing success within the communities we serve and continue to cast a unique vision in new ways to meet the needs of members served.

Over the year we have continued to expand our school based programming within Central Arizona.  This continues to be an area of focus of ours at Southwest Behavioral & Health Services.  Meeting our members where they are at is believed among Executive Leadership to be the preferred location of treatment, specifically for school aged individuals. Over the next year we will continue to entertain expansion opportunities across all of the regions in which we are active.

Recovery Transition Program (RTP) opened in FY18 and has been a huge success.  There was a vision to provide to our community a longer term inpatient stabilization facility when compared to our current Crisis Recovery Units.  Over the few months RTP has been open we have exceeded expectations specific to length of stay and occupancy rate.

Targeted Investment will continue to be a focus of ours as an agency.  Targeted Investment is a five-year program to assist with breaking down barriers between services being provided by mental healthcare and physical healthcare providers.  We have entered into year three of Targeted Investment and are excited about enhancing our infrastructure efforts by implementing built procedures across our agency.  Our goal is to provide an unfragmented approach when meeting our members’ complex and unique needs.  Above all, our continual focus will remain to provide a high quality service and achieve consistent healthy outcomes.

You can see some examples of how SB&H is “Standing Strong in Changing Times” in our 2018 Annual Report.