President's Message

The year 2020 was definitely a surprise for most. Throughout the year we found ourselves in situations where we needed to rapidly adapt in order to ensure the safety and well-being of both our employees and our members. Adjustments in service provision were done in methodical ways to ensure first-rate continuity of care for our members. Telehealth has taken on new meaning and has quickly become the standard of care. Though 2020 was tumultuous, we came together as a team, striving continuously to rise above the storm. We will remain the leader throughout our community and will continue to fine tune our approach to set the standard of care across the state.

Redefining our Mission was vital as it has helped us focus our efforts and ensure any new opportunity we move towards is focused on Delivering Compassionate Care to Enhance Lives and Improve Communities. Though the wording was simplified and updated, the meaning is the same, tying back to our core values, member needs and vision.

We introduced the "We Care...You Matter" movement, a strategic initiative focused on both our employees and our members. Over the next year we are strategically identifying new and exciting ways to show anyone who is a part of the SB&H Family that they truly matter.

As we look into the future there are many areas of focus:

  • Enhancing our technology to make it easier for members to access care and reduce administrative burdens on our employees.
  • Regional Behavioral Health Authority Contract being announced in 2021 and implementation occurring on 10/1/22.
  • Expanding our service array into the West Valley.
  • Furthering our School Based presence throughout the State.
  • Among many more.

Each year brings on new and exciting challenges, and though we may not know what the future will bring, OUR MISSION STAYS THE SAME - to positively Impact People and Improve Communities.

You can see some examples of how SB&H is “Building a Model for Whole Health Care” in our 2020 Annual Report.