Outpatient Clinics

Our Outpatient Clinic facilities provide the following services:

Behavioral health interventions that assist families, children, adolescents, and/or adults in achieving optimal functioning in their personal lives and their community.  Services are designed to be short-term in nature and build upon a consumer’s strengths, and provide community supports while minimizing behavioral crises and a recurrence of symptoms.  Treatment frequency, modality, and length of stay will vary by individual needs and preferences.  Services may be provided in office or home-based settings and address substance abuse, general mental health, family functioning, crisis, planning, and skill building.

  • Counseling (Individual, Family, and Group)
  • Case Management
  • Psychiatric Evaluations/Medication Monitoring
  • Skills Training
  • Health and Wellness
  • Behavior Coaching

Some Outpatient Clinics may also provide:

  • DUI Offender Education
  • Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Offender Education
  • Suboxone Services
  • Erickson Institute Partnership Training

Substance Abuse Block Grant flyer (English) Substance Abuse Block Grant flyer (Spanish)

Fetal Alcohol Exposure flyer (English) Fetal Alcohol Exposure flyer (Spanish)

*SB&H does not discriminate against any person receiving care because of his/her ability to pay for the services or because payments for those services are made under Title XVIII (Medicare) or Title XIX (Medicaid/AHCCCS), or for reasons of race, color, sex, national origin, disability or religion. We offer integrated health care services on a sliding fee discount for patients without health care coverage based on their ability to pay. This may include a nominal charge or no charge. We accept assignment under the Social Security Act for all services for which payment may be made under Part B of Title XVIII (Medicare) and Title XIX (Medicaid/AHCCCS).