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What Teens are Saying about Substance Use

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Have you ever wondered how easy it is for your teen to get substances in your community? Or how often your teen is exposed to substance use? How about whether your teen would be concerned if they knew a friend was using substances? A new survey of over 1,000 teens by the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids has answered these questions and more for you.

  • Where do teens get their information on substances? The good news is 67% of teens say that they get their information on substances from a reliable and trusted source, like teachers and their parents.
  • How easily can teen obtain drugs or alcohol? What’s shocking is that when asked how long it would take to obtain a substance (tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, prescription pain reliever, etc.), over 50% of teens said that they could obtain at least one substance in a short period of time.
  • How many teens have seen someone using drugs in real life? 28% of teens reported that they had seen someone using drugs and of those that had seen drug use, 38% reported it being on school property.
  • What do teens think about driving under the influence? Only 3.5% of teens reported being comfortable in the car with someone who had been drinking alcohol, but some teens still believe that it is safe to ride in the car with someone that had just used marijuana.
  • How influential are parents when it comes to teens deciding to use or not use substances? Parents are extremely influential. 56% of teens said that parent disapproval was a reason why some teens do not use substances.

For more information on the survey click here. Remember the importance of talking with your kids about the risks of substance use. For helpful tips on how to talk to your kids click here.