Street Names: Smack, Mud, Dope, Horse, Junk, Brown Sugar, Big H, Black Tar 

What Is It and What Does It Look Like: Heroin is an opiate drug that can be a white to dark brown powder or tar-like substance. 

How It's Used/Abused: Ingested, smoked, snorted, or heated into a liquid and injected.

Short and Long Term Effects: Constricted pupils, impaired night vision, vomiting after first use and high doses, respiratory failure, dry itchy skin, skin infections, increased risk of exposure to HIV, hepatitis, infectious diseases, death. 

Arizona Teen Facts: Heroin use continues to rise. 

Signs of Abuse: Track marks on arms, slowed and slurred speech, vomiting.

Heroin, Fentanyl & Other Opiods - Ebook 
Every Parent Should Know: Heroin paraphernalia can include burnt spoons or plastic scoops, needles, razor blades, straws, pipes, plastic tubing, rolled-up dollar bills, eyedroppers and aluminum foil. Heroin overdose is a particular risk on the street where the purity of the drug cannot be accurately known. Heroin is highly addictive.