Street Names: Meth, Speed, G, Crank, Crypto, Fire, Crystal, Glass, Ice, Cristy, Quartz, White Cross, Chalk, Tweak 

What Is It and What Does It Look Like?: Meth is a stimulant that can be snorted, swallowed, injected, or smoked (the form that can be smoked, crystal meth, resembles crushed ice). White or slightly yellow crystal-like powder, large rock-like chunks.

What Teens Have Heard: "Can keep you going for days."

Short and Long Term Effects: Can cause psychotic behavior, increased blood pressure, hyperthermia, convulsions, stroke, heart and blood toxicity, hallucinations and the sensation of insects crawling on or under the skin, compulsive violent behavior, paranoia, insomnia, stroke.

Arizona Teen Facts: On a statewide level, meth use is at its lowest level since 2008. 

Signs of Abuse: Nervous physical activity, scabs and open sores, decreased appetite, inability to sleep. 

Every Parent Should Know: Meth is a stimulant. Crystal meth resembles crushed ice. Meth paraphernalia can include glass pipes or bongs, scales, hand torches, syringes and mini Ziploc bags. A disturbing trend among female teens is using meth to lose weight. Weight loss is severe, but so are the side effects. Meth has a high potential for abuse and addiction, putting children at risk, increasing crime and causing environmental harm.