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Substance Use #1 Health Issue

As a healthcare provider, you are a trusted source for parents. You play a key role in helping to reduce a child's chances of developing a drug or alcohol problem. This video learning center is designed with you in mind and introduces simple, quick and effective ways to integrate substance use prevention into your practice. 

Online Learning Video Resources Available to Healthcare Providers

We want to help you have a healthy practice. offers educational materials to help reduce the chances a child will develop a drug or alcohol problem. The video highlights our printed and online resources that you can request and put into practice right away.

Length: 3:45

Online Learning Video

Tools for Assessing Adolescent Alcohol & Drug Use

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that pediatricians screen their adolescent patients for drug and alcohol use each year. We know that your time is at a premium. This video highlights the approved AAP screening that quickly assesses a child's drug or alcohol use and how can assist in implementing the screening in your practice.

Length: 4:45

Online Learning Video

The Value of Discussing Substance Use in Your Practice

Talking about drug and alcohol use with your patients shows you care and has the potential to save lives. This video explains the importance of discussing substance use with patients and their parents and overcoming common barriers. 

Length: 5:10