Quality Management Learning & Development

Who Are We?

Quality Management Learning and Development (QM L&D) is a team of dedicated and qualified specialists who believe that employees are an organization’s greatest assets; therefore, investing in their training and development is key to sustaining the growth and success of an organization. This commitment makes sense when we consider the lengthy processes carried out to recruit and hire qualified staff. Oftentimes, though, the emphasis on caring about the professional development of employees ends after they are hired. QM L&D understands that learning is crucial for growth and that it is an ongoing process. We believe that providing training opportunities to employees for personal and professional development helps build a learning culture that benefits the entire organization.

The combination of our QM L&D specialists’ backgrounds on education, communication, and customer service, as well as the combined number of years of experience in the mental health field, has helped our team be able to contribute to the ongoing and collaborative effort of offering training opportunities to help employees reach their expected potential and become the best professionals possible. In addition to the guidance and support QM L&D receives from our team of clinical directors, we collaborate closely with managers and employees in our different programs and departments to make sure we keep our training content up to date and to make sure it meets the changing needs of our learners and work requirements.

Our training approach includes evidenced-based, trauma-informed, and integrative care philosophies. When developing our training materials, we take into consideration the diverse learning styles and come up with effective training processes. QM L&D engages and empowers learners so they can assess and address their gaps in skills and/or knowledge as we encourage our learners to build on their existing strengths.

We hope you can join us in this lifelong process of continuous growth by attending some of the trainings we offer.