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As a parent you have a lot of power to help prevent your child from drinking or using drugs. This video series is designed to help you understand why kids use drugs, how to talk with your child to help reduce their chances of experimenting and how to go about getting help if you suspect your child might be using drugs. All of the stories in the series feature Arizona parents and teens that have had their own life experiences. Tell us what you think. After each short video, please take a short survey.

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Why Do Kids Use Drugs?

This webinar looks at our children's personalities and how that can play a part in their decision to use drugs or drink alcohol. It also looks at which children may be more vulnerable to substance abuse. In the webinar, you hear from Arizona moms and teens. In particular, Jeanne, whose son used drugs and is doing well after going through a treatment program, Jordan a Valley teenager, Danika, who started using drugs as a teenager and is now celebrating 5 years of sobriety and Dr. Ken Winters who discusses some amazing science around the teen brain.
Length: 7:23

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The Talk You Must Have with Your Child

If you have ever struggled with finding the right words when it comes to talking with your child about underage drinking or drug use or if you've ever wondered when you should start that conversation this webinar is for you. This short video will give you get the tools and information necessary to begin talking with your child at any age.  Length: 6:06

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4 Steps to Drug Proof Your Child

We know that drug use is preventable and that drug addiction is a treatable disease. In this video, you'll hear the four key steps you should take to keep your child drug free. Hear from Valley families who have experienced the pain of addiction and loss first-hand and why they stress the importance of prevention. Length: 6:28

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Rx Epidemic - True Stories of Loss and Addiction

This video discusses the epidemic levels of prescription drug misuse in Arizona. In the video, you will hear from a mother who lost her son to an accidental prescription drug overdose. You will also hear from Jordan who talks about how easy it is to get prescription medications. After watching this video, we hope that you do three things: 1) Keep learning about the prescription drugs kids are misusing. 2) Communicate with your children about the risks of misusing Rx medications. 3) Safeguard your medicine cabinet and ask your friends and family to do the same.  Length: 5:56