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Danika, Kenny and Jordan grew up in Arizona. Somewhere along the line, they were introduced to drugs and alcohol. They used drugs to cope, to party and to escape, but they didn't expect to become addicted. Hear how drugs affected their lives and the lives of those who loved them the most. 

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Jordan was a straight A student, had plenty of friends and described her life as great. Why then did she turn to prescription drugs, cocaine and heroin? Hear the answer as she talks about her life that spiraled out of control and how her family helped get her back from the grip of addiction.

Length: 4:29

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Kenny grew up surrounded by drug and alcohol abuse. At a very young age he started drinking and using marijuana and that led to other drugs. Kenny even started selling drugs to other kids his age. Hear about the event that made him see that he couldn't keep living the life he had been leading.  

Length: 3:47

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Danika started using drugs because her friends were using. She started at an early age and her use quickly developed into a full blown addiction. Her lowest point came when her parents saw her dying from her drug use. Hear Danika talk about what she lost while using drugs and how getting help has helped get her life back.

Length: 3:58