Postdoctoral Residency Program

Health Service Psychology Postdoctoral Residency

Residency is the year that bridges the space between being a psychology intern and being a professional psychologist. As such, the program is designed to meet the increasing skill level of the resident, approaching training and supervision from a developmental model. The program is sequential, cumulative and graded in complexity. The residency program consists of 2000 hours over 12 months and encompasses training, group and individual supervision, and didactic experiences designed to meet the American Psychological Association (APA) Standards of Accreditation (SoA), and Arizona licensure requirements. Please note that the post-doctoral residency is NOT accredited by the APA at this time. Licensure requirements vary from state-to-state, so prospective residents are encouraged to be knowledgeable regarding the requirements of other states. Current program tracks include the Recovery College/Community Living Program, Opioid Replacement Services Clinic, Outpatient Clinic-Maricopa County, School and Community Based Counseling Services, and Southwest Autism Center of Excellence.

Application/Admission Information

Applications for postdoctoral residency are only accepted from the current SB&H intern cohort, or from students who have previously completed their doctoral psychologist internship at SB&H. No applications outside of SB&H will be accepted or considered.

Admission requirements include completion of all professional degree requirements from a regionally accredited institution of higher education or an APA/CPA accredited program and doctoral psychology internship meeting APPIC standards. Per APPIC requirements, all residents are required to have either an official diploma or a letter from the Director of graduate studies from the resident’s doctoral program verifying the completion of all degree requirements on or before the first day of residency. SB&H is an equal opportunity employer. Selections for residency positions are made without discrimination for any non-merit reason, including, but not limited to, age, race, color, religion, physical disabilities, national origin, political affiliation, gender, sexual orientation, and marital status. Applicants are required to submit a cover letter and curriculum vitae to Dr. Leslie Montijo-Tai via email at

For more information, please contact Administrator of Clinical Education, Dr. Leslie